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NM Department of Health HAN (Health Alert Network)

To register in the HAN:
Open https://nm.readyop.com/fs/4cjZ/10b2 

To contact HAN:
Email:    han.helpdesk@state.nm.us
Phone:  (505) 476-8210

New Mexico – Volunteer Application and Liability Coverage for Volunteer Physicians
Senator Steven Komadina MD carried SB0023 (July 1, 2007) which provided volunteer physicians with coverage under the state Tort Claims Act (NMAC 7 1 26 Volunteer Provider Tort Coverage Program). Both the volunteer and the organization must be registered with through NM Serves at the New Mexico Department of Health for the liability coverage to take effect.The volunteer application form, program information, and instructions on how to get an organization/agency certified for a volunteer placement are available on the NM Medical Reserves Corp.  Contact NM Serves, 505.476.8302, and let them know where you plan to volunteer. They will make sure that the agency is registered in the system.  When all requirements are completed, you will be issued a badge, hat, and t-shirt to wear while volunteering.

Disease Map & Notification
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Poison Control 
National Hotline (open 24/7)  800-222-1222
NM Poison and Drug Information Center (not for emergencies)

Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)
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