Welcome to the New Mexico Medical Society

Since 1886, the New Mexico Medical Society (NMMS) has been dedicated to the advancement of medical science in order to serve our state’s health care needs.

Through the elevation of the standards of medical education, the enactment and enforcement of just medical laws, and the promotion of medical ethics as set forth by the American Medical Association, we seek to keep members of the medical profession at the forefront of medical practices.

From our annual medical conference to ongoing continuing education, from physician advocacy before the New Mexico Legislature to the United States Congress, we work to improve health care and the physicians who provide patient care and ancillary services.

For health care consumers in New Mexico, we serve to promote the physicians that uphold these important tenets, helping consumers easily find physicians by name, city, specialty, or other criteria. In addition, we work to educate and advocate about public health issues that affect our state.

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