March 27, 2020 – Most if not all of you have read the two Public Health Orders issued on Wednesday, March 25.

PHO #1 _ Imposing Temporary Restrictions on Non-Essential Healthcare Services, Procedures, and Surgeries; Providing Guidance on those Restriction; and Requiring a Report from Certain Health Care Providers

PHO #2_Temporarily Regulating the Sale and Distribution of Personal Protective Equipment Due to Shortages Caused by COVID-19

NMMS has communicated with DOH Secretary Kathyleen Kunkel to clarify the scope and intent of the orders.

There are two, very important messages for you to read and share with your professional practice and medical colleagues.

First, a message from Secretary Kunkel:

The intent of the order is both to protect the citizens of New Mexico, and our health care providers, from unnecessary exposure to COVID 19. It is also intended to preserve PPE by halting elective procedures.

The Order is not limited to DOH licensed facilities.

The Order does not prohibit necessary medical procedures or treatment.

Guidance is provided in the Order to assist clinicians in making those determinations.

The Order requires a policy be submitted to DOH for approval. DOH is starting up a website to receive those policies and provide feedback.

Please check the DOH CV website for more information on how to submit those policies:

To the extent possible, provide remote consultation and services whenever possible, reduce in-person contacts, screen staff and patients who visit your offices for COVID-19 symptoms (fever, dry cough, difficulty breathing and/or exposure to someone who has those conditions or tested positive for COVID-19).

Second, a medical practice policy template:
You may adopt, modify or expand the template as you see fit. NMMS provides it as a service to our members and other healthcare professionals so feel free to share with your colleagues. [If you need the template sent in another format, please email]